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Do you want to publish your own website? Do you want to create a blog about something you are passionate about? Nowadays it is something that is not too complicated, due to the tools that exist and that make life easier for us. In this little tutorial I am going to explain to you in a simple way how to hire hosting and web domain.

What is hosting? It is a service offered by technology companies and consists of renting a space on a server to normally host a website or a set of files. When hiring a hosting, they usually include other services, such as access to FTP, mail server, hosting compatible with PHP code, etc.

What is the domain? The domain is the name of the page, for example: The domain is made up of the website name (rosepainter) and the domain extension (.es). If we previously add “http: // www.” To the domain ( becomes a URL and it is translated by the web browser.


For many years there are companies that are dedicated to the sale of hosting and domains. Some of the best known are:

Hire hosting

For this case, I am going to use Raiola Networks, which from my experience has worked very well for me. It is a Spanish company that is located in Lugo. In addition, they have a very good technical support that works by tickets, email or telephone calls and answers very quickly.

To do this, I summarize the process in the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the website and choose your plan

Access to Raiola Networks and choose Hosting SSD.

Contratar hosting y dominio
Raiola Networks Hosting Types

Choose the one that suits you. I think that the most common is to choose Hosting SSD and then configure it ti your liking.

Then, choose the plan that suits you best, within the SSDs. Please note that if you choose to pay annually, you are awarded a free domain for one year.

Hosting and domain

We choose the plan and select PRECIO ANUAL, located at the bottom. We make use of the offer.

Step 2: Choose domain

On this page, we are going to check that the domain does not exist:

Hosting and domain

Press Continuar.

In the next page, press Continuar again.

At this point, you must add your ID and press Continuar:

Contratar hosting y dominio
Insert your nie/dni

Paso 3: Confirmar y realizar pago

Check the products and click on Pagar Ahora:

Hosting and domain

Confirm and make the payment

Then complete the form data. Please note that this company offers you various payment methods:

Hosting and domain

Accept the terms and press Completar el pedido.

Para termina introduce los datos necesarios para formalizar el pago, según el método que hayas elegido, y finaliza tu compra.

Step 4: Check service

Once you have received the email of your purchase and verified that your services are active (this can take between 1 and 24 hours), access your customer area and press Área de Clientes.

Once you log in, an overview of your hosting and contracted domain is displayed.

Step 5: Access to CPanel

Raiola Networks offers CPanel, a panel to manage your hosting, very useful and used worldwide.

To access CPanel, click on Hosting SSD – Hosting Base SSD.

And on the next page, click on CPanel.

If you want to see a small manual, you can access it here:

From here, it is up to you to start developing your website. If you want to use a CMS (content manager) of the WordPress or Joomla type, or if you want to create your website from scratch using a template Bootstrap. There are many possibilities.

As always, I hope you liked this little tutorial and that it is useful to you. Share if you liked it and see you next time !!

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