Save a file to OneDrive

It is increasingly useful to store information on an internet server or as it is often called “in Cloud”, because we need to have access to certain information from anywhere. Microsoft offers OneDrive. In this little tutorial I will teach you how to save a file in OneDrive.

What is OneDrive? It is a service that Microsoft offers to save information in the cloud, or what is the same, save information in a space on a server. This service has been available since February 2014 and we can store up to 5GB for free. Then if you want more space you pay for it and Microsoft offers several packages for both individuals and companies.

Access to OneDrive

Access to this service can be done from:

Create file

In my example, I am going to use Microsoft Word 2016 and share it on OneDrive.

Open Word and create your file adding some content.

Share file

To share the file on OneDrive, you must have a Microsoft account. You can use the one you use for your email Hotmail or Outlook.

Since Word 2016 already includes access to OneDrive, run the steps:

File-> Save As -> OneDrive.

Save a file to OneDrive

Login or register. In my case I will log in, because I have a Microsoft account.

Once logged in, select OneDrive: Personal again.

Notice that the Save As window opens, with a path similar to this:

Give the file a name and press Save.

Your file is already saved in the OneDrive. Now you can access it from the options that I mentioned previously.

I hope this tutorial was helpful. Until next time!

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